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Es Vedrá Earrings

  • $69.00

Limited edition, hypoallergenic zamak hoop earrings made in Menorca, Spain.

A note from the maker...

“Es Vedrâ is a mysterious, magical rocky island just off the western side of Ibiza. There are many myths surrounding the rock from it being the third most magnetic points on the planet, to the Bermuda triangle of the Mediterranean, to the home to the Sirens of Greek mythology, to the birthplace of the Phoenician goddess Tanit. Whatever story you want to believe, there is something special about watching a sunset from one of Ibiza´s coves or cliffs over this powerful rock. It mysteriously lifts your spirits and recharges you, making it a sunset you will never forget.” 

Based in Madrid, Spain. All pieces are handmade. Designs are heavily influenced by Spain and its rich culture, and all materials are sourced from local Spanish family run suppliers.