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Tanit Earrings

  • $105.00

Limited edition, handmade, hypoallergenic zamak ornate adornment earrings. They have an 18k gold plated solid sterling silver ornate hook system and measure 9cm in length. Each earring weighs 13 grams. Please note that due to the nature of the freshwater pearls, they may vary in size and shape.

A note from the maker...

"Tanit is the Carthaginian goddess who has been worshiped on Ibiza since the Carthaginians settled there around 600BC. She is the deity of the moon, dance, creation, sexuality, fertility and war and even today thousands of people visit the Es Culleram Cave to pay their respects to her as the island´s inhabitants have been doing since ancient times. She is often depicted naked riding a lion or with her own lion´s mane."

Based in Madrid, Spain. All pieces are handmade. Designs are heavily influenced by Spain and its rich culture, and all materials are sourced from local Spanish family run suppliers.