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La Portada Necklace

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Limited edition, handmade, gold stainless steel chain with delicate freshwater pearl cross adornments. These necklaces measure 45cm.

A note from the maker...

"La Portada is a giant intricate installation inspired by buildings from around the city that quite often look a lot like a church or a palace that serves as the main entrance to la Feria. Every year a new one is designed and built with incredible lighting at night. The night before la Feria de Abril starts everyone gathers at the Portada for the Alumbrao. When the clock strikes midnight the hundreds of thousands of lights on the Portada and through all the precinct’s little streets light up to celebrate the official start of La Feria. It sure beats New Years Eve and just two weeks after La Semana Santa (a sombre week of relinquishing their sins with long painful processions throughout Easter) the city is reborn!"

Based in Madrid, Spain. All pieces are handmade. Designs are heavily influenced by Spain and its rich culture, and all materials are sourced from local Spanish family run suppliers.