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Event FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking?

Public parking is provided by the City of Monroe diagonally across from the event space at the corner of W Spring St and N Wayne St. You may use the back for loading and unloading, but please ask your guests to park in the provided public parking. 

How do I get into the space? 

We will always have a staff member on site to welcome you into the event. You can unload and load at the back door (please move and park your car afterwards). If teh back door (114) is not unlocked, just knock. Our staff member will be inside. If you're start time is during boutique business hours, you can just come in the front door. 

Do you offer catering?

We do not offer catering. You are welcome to use a caterer and bring any food you desire for your event. 

What if my party time doesn't fit into your time slots? 

In order to provide guests with as many opportunities to rent our space as possible, we have carefully considered your needs and the demands of the space and set our times accordingly. We have found most events run 2 hours, require an hour to set up and about 30 minutes to clean up. If you do not feel you will have enough time in your time slot, you are welcome to also book an additional time slot, if available. Good news, if you do book an additional time slot, you'll get the hour we use in between for Score! 

Can I come in early to get a little more time to setup? 

We have provided our staff with adequate time to properly clean the spaces in between events to make sure they are ready for you and your party guests. We can not guarantee that the space will be reset and ready for you any earlier than the start time provided.  

Do I have to clean up the space or do you? 

While our incredible staff does an amazing job keeping the space clean between events, we do ask for your assistance in keeping our space running smoothly for all our guests. We ask that before you leave you wipe counter tops and flat surfaces with the products provided, perform a quick sweep of the floor and take all trash out to the dumpster located just steps from the back door. Please make sure the room looks like how you found it. 

Are we allowed to move furniture and accessories?

You are welcome to move chairs, stools, high top tables and accessories to better suit your needs. We ask that you do not move any of the dining tables. Please have the room reset to how you found it before you leave. 

Can I book a weekday? 

Yes! Please email to talk about booking a weekday event. 

What if I need to cancel my event?

We have a two week cancellation policy. Please let us know within two weeks if you need to reschedule or cancel your event to receive a full refund. 

Are there any Covid restrictions?

Currently there are no restrictions on the venue due to Covid-19.

I have more questions....

We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email for further inquiries. 


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